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Fuso 10Wheeler Dropside Truck- SOLD

Chassis: FU410UZ-560492

Engine: 6D40-247236

Body Type: Dropside Truck[gallery]

Canter 4WD Dump Truck-SOLD

Chassis: FG337BD-460625

Engine: 4D33-A10276

Body Type: Dump Truck

Mitsubishi Canter Latest 4WD Dropside Truck

Chassis: FG638E-430150

Engine: 4D35-F41169

Body Type: Cargo Truck

Fuso Supergreat 10-Wheeler Wingvan-SOLD

Chassis: FU510UZ-510886

Engine: 6D40-292383

Body Type: Wingvan

Fuso 6-Wheeler Prime Mover

Chassis: FP415D-560219

Engine: 8DC9-502373

Body Type: Prime Mover

Isuzu 6-Wheeler Prime Mover

Chassis: EXR72D-3002776

Engine: 12PD1-788675

Body Type: Prime Mover

Toyota Lite Ace -SOLD

Chassis: CM55-0014261

Engine: 2C-1370196

Body Type: Lite Ace

Toyota Forklift 4-TONS

Chassis: 7FDA50-10542

Engine: 13Z-0008933

Body Type: Forklift


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