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Fuso Fighter Latest Wingvan

Chassis: FK617K-514099

Engine: 6D16-813937

Body Type: Wingvan

Fuso Mignon Dumptruck-SOLD

Chassis: FK335C-541653

Engine: 6D14-688624

Body Type: Dumptruck

Isuzu Forward Giga Dumptruck- SOLD

Chassis: FRR35D3-7000473

Engine: 6HL1-354381

Body Type: Dumptruck

Fuso 10Wh Dumptruck

Chassis: FV413J-520199

Engine: 8DC8-336675

Body Type: Dumptruck

Canter Dumptruck

Chassis: FE315BD-431620

Engine: 4D32-726776

Body Type: Dumptruck


Canter Dumptruck

Chassis: FE317BD-462310

Engine: 4D33-973414

Body Type: Dumptruck

Fuso Supergreat 10Wheeler Mixer

Chassis: FV515JX-501039

Engine: 8DC9-519653

Body Type: Mixer

Fuso 10Wheeler Dropside Truck- SOLD

Chassis: FU410UZ-560492

Engine: 6D40-247236

Body Type: Dropside Truck[gallery]


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