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Fuso Fighter Mignon Wingvan

Chassis: FK335H-550064

Engine: 6D14-750228

Body Type: Wingvan

Isuzu 6-Wheeler Military Truck

Chassis: SKW464-3000035

Engine: 8PE1-130547

Body Type: Military Truck

HOWO 10-Wheeler Mixer Truck

Chassis: ZZ5257JBN3841W

Engine: WD615.47 371HP, EURO 2

Body Type: HOWO

Isuzu 10-Wheeler Dumptruck-SOLD

Chassis: CXZ71J-3011585

Engine: 10PD1-770624

Body Type: Dump Truck

Isuzu Forward Dropside Truck-SOLD

Chassis: FRR32LB-3014791

Engine: 6HE1-805239

Body Type: Cargo Truck


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