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Fuso 10Wh Selfloader with Winch & Alum. Siding-SOLD

Chassis: FV419T-540271

Engine: 8DC11-409799

Body Type: Selfloader

Toyota Dyna Single Tire

Chassis: BU60-0068446

Engine: B1-1384812

Body Type: Dropside

Fuso 10Wh Aluminum Siding-SOLD

Chassis: FV416T-540089

Engine: 8DC10-397901

Body Type: Dropside

Isuzu 10Wh Military Dumptruck

Chassis: SKW464-3001183

Engine: 8PE1-134342B

Body Type: Dumptruck

Canter Aluminum Siding with Powertail gate-SOLD

Chassis: FE638E-520039

Engine: 4D35-D91859

Body Type: Dropside

Isuzu Elf Dumptruck-SOLD

Chassis: NKR66E-7425580

Engine: 4HF1-219362

Body Type: Dumptruck

Isuzu 10Wheeler Giga Dumptruck

Chassis: CXZ82K2-3001035

Engine: 12PE1-144246

Body Type: Dumptruck

Isuzu Elf Dumptruck

Chassis: NKR66E-7564584

Engine: 4HF1-793780

Body Type: Dumptruck

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