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Fuso Supergreat 8Wheeler Tanker 16000liters Steel

Chassis: FT517NY-500159

Engine: 6D24-261972

Body Type: Tanker

Chassis: FK618K-721386

Engine: 6D17-869354

Body Type: Dropside

Mitsubishi Canter Dropside Truck

Chassis: FE648E-521273

Engine: 4D35-E40117

Body Type: Dropside

Isuzu Elf Giga Single Tire Dropside Truck

Chassis: NKR69C-7401294

Engine: 4JG2-139649

Body Type: Dropside

Isuzu 10Wheeler Giga Dumptruck

Chassis: CXZ81K1-3006035

Engine: 10PE1-158001

Body Type: Dumptruck

Fuso 10Wheeler Supergreat Dumptruck

Chassis: FU519JX-700341

Engine: 8DC11-510052

Body Type: Dumptruck

Fuso 10Wh Supergreat Wingvan

Chassis: FU510UZ-501280

Engine: 6D40-261754

Body Type: Wingvan

Isuzu 10Wh Wingvan

Chassis: CXM71V-3005280

Engine: 10PD1-775194

Body Type: Wingvan

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